Siemens leaps into land-based salmon farming with digitalization, automation support


24 juni 2020

(Artikel hämtad från, 24. Juni 2020 av Demi Korban)

The deal will give the proposed operation a leg up in its digitalization efforts.

Global powerhouse Siemens inked a letter of intent with Swedish land-based salmon producer Quality Salmon to support its journey into automation and digitalization.

Lighthouse Finance-backed Quality Salmon recently secured a deal with the local Sotenas Municipality to lease out 140 hectares of land, making way for its potential 100,000 metric-ton land-based facility.

If all goes well, Siemens will support the company with its digital enterprise solution to integrate and digitalize Quality Salmon’s value chain.

”The technology for smart industry building will ensure all systems in the land-based farm are connected including monitoring systems, optimal energy use and water flow as well as maximizing speed,” Lighthouse Finance CEO Roy Hoias told IntraFish.

The solution aims to be the ”brain” of the land-based salmon farm, ensuring sustainable production throughout the system.

”The agreement and cooperation will give Siemens a prominent position in the global aquaculture industry,” Siemens Nordic and Sweden CEO Mikael Leksell said.

”At the same time, it will be an exciting challenge for us to deliver an industrial solution for tomorrow.”

The letter of intent also covers ongoing operations once production kicks off, with continuous maintenance, changes and updates.(Copyright)